Controversy threatens work on future 100G Ethernet standard

In my Hardware Roundup just a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that 10Gbps is coming up fast over the horizon.

Well, just when you thought you could catch a breath is news of the work in progress on the 100Gbps Ethernet standard. However, according to Network World, a debate within the IEEE is threatening to stall work on it.

Basically, there appears to be an internal disagreement in the aptly-named Higher Speed Study Group (HSSG) over whether to include 40G as part of the charter or to shoot on straight to 100G.

From Controversy threatens 100G standards work (Network World):

Proponents for 40G argue that it is a necessary, simple and cost-effective step that has broad market potential; opponents say it will unnecessarily bog down progress on 100G which, they claim, also has broad market potential addressing different applications- aggregate and long-haul vs. server interconnect.

At the end of the day, a lack of consensus could result in the IEEE dissolving the group. The group will need to come to a consensus decision by next month at a meeting in San Francisco.

Do you folks out there see a benefit in implementing 10G Ethernet in your corporate environment, much less 100G Ethernet? Share your thoughts on this with us.