Documentum 6 coming end-August

According to The Register, version 6 of the Documentum platform is set to be released in late August.

Enterprise content management has changed dramatically every since the last major upgrade of EMC’s flagship enterprise content management product two years ago.

The content management world is now multi-vendor, and players in this niche will do well to allow easy integration with other applications within the SOA framework.

To win back the hearts and minds of the enterprise, Documentum now offers Web services as well as revised coding for easier integration with other enterprise applications.

Excerpt from Documentum 6 goes flexible:

The software's new API has been redesigned to eliminate Documentum-specific methods and terminology in favor of vendor-neutral framework for developers working with content-management tools.

EMC claims that even developers with no prior Documentum experience will be able to build EMC applications quickly and easily.

In fact, to prove the ease of which applications for Documentum 6 can be developed and deployed, EMC has set aside a whopping $100,000 to run a contest for software developers to code for the Documentum 6. The first three prizes stand at $50,000, $20,000 and $10,000 respectively.

If you find that this tickles your palates, be sure to check out the D6 Web Services Challenge.