E-mails of "anti-P2P" company leaked on the Web

MediaDefender, a company that protects copyrighted content from illegal file sharing, saw its internal e-mail leaked over the Web. The mails specify several negative tactics that the firm was planning to use to curb the sharing of content online.

A quote from a blog post at CNET Networks' News.com:

A group called "Media Defender-Defenders took responsibility for posting the e-mails to the Web."

"By releasing these e-mails we hope to secure the privacy and personal integrity of all peer-to-peer users," according to a statement from the group that was posted to the Web.

The event could prove highly embarrassing for MediaDefender, which exists to safeguard other people's digital information. It could hurt the company's reputation if it can't even protect its own data.

The company supposedly tried to set-up a false video sharing site (Bit-tech.net), and it tried several tactics to poison peer-to-peer downloads by posting bogus media.

The details on the contents of the e-mail are discussed in this article at Ars Techinica. The details also include support for several government programs to track down users who download media.

This leak once again reinforces the point that media companies have to focus on tapping the potential of P2P sharing rather than fight the trend and suffer damages such as these.