eBay glitch sends packages the wrong way

A bug is on the loose on eBay, and it is causing packages to be sent to the wrong addresses.

When it rears its head, this flaw causes eBay to transmit incorrect mailing instructions to sellers. You can image the mayhem that results when this happens.

Acknowledging that the problem exists, an official wrote on the PayPal blog: "The recent issue is limited to a very small number of eBay purchases... [We understand and recognize that] this is a very serious issue and are working to correct the problem."

This bug is expected to be fixed soon.

Here's an excerpt from The Register:

One of those users is Joe Kane, from England, who said every time he tries to make a purchase using eBay's vaunted Buy-it-Now feature, the system automatically transmits an address he used just the once more than three years ago.

"For some reason there's no way of me getting rid of it," said Kane, who lives in Essex. He said the bug has caused him considerable headaches, not only because it has prevented him from receiving goods he's paid for, but also because eBay and PayPal support people seemed to be unaware of the problem.

More than anything, I believe this illustrates the inherent Achilles heel of Web 2.0 services, as well as heavily-automated systems. While problems on popular and well-maintained sites should be relatively few and far between, it remains a fact that bugs can and do exist.

The problem, as Kane experienced, lies in the difficulty of getting elusive bugs replicated. If the problem involves more than a single party, as in this case, the complexity of proper identification skyrockets.

What are the most annoying bugs involving online systems that you have come across so far?