Free iPhone unlocking tool released with full source code

I was wrapping up my news posting for the day when I saw the news exclusive from Gizmodo that yet another team has managed to unlock the iPhone via software.

This time around, the unlocking was achieved by the iPhone Dev Team. At the moment, it is believed that they achieved the unlocking via the same buffer bug that the iPhone Sim Free folks used to perform their unlocks. The iPhone Dev Team achieved it independently.

The best thing about this news is that they are releasing the hack completely free of charge, source code and all.

Excerpt from Gizmodo:

The free software iPhone unlock — the only one that counts — has been finally achieved by the iPhone Dev Team and it has been independently tested. Everyone can now unlock their iPhones for free.

According to the Gizmodo exclusive, a full tutorial will be coming shortly. But in the meantime, the free executable and source code files can be downloaded from the Gizmodo links below. So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy now.

I suppose this event will conclusively put to rest any further discussion on the cost of purchasing the hack from iPhone Sim Free, reported in iPhone unlocking software to be sold exclusively through resellers.

Also, legal action or not - the way the Internet works, there is certainly no putting the unlock genie back into the bottle now.