From to delicious -- the great upgrade, the Yahoo-owned social-bookmarking site, is undergoing a total makeover, from dropping the "dots" to implementing a complete new code base. Delicious also has a roster of new features.

A preview of Delicious is available here, but only invited members can login.

SearchEngineJournal's Loren Baker has a post detailing the features that were added to the revamped site. TechCrunch and SearchEngineLand are also displaying screenshots for those of you who can't wait to see it.

Some of the new features include:

  • Persistent navigation buttons to people, tags, and bookmarks
  • Bulk Tag Editing feature
  • More varied options to sort bookmarks
  • A contextual search engine
  • Color-based indicator for the popularity of tags
  • Adjustable bookmark summary to view more or less information in one click
  • Tag auto-completion
  • Top tags sidebar for users in your network
  • Add nickname to users in your network
  • An action box to list common actions on current page
  • Refined view of bookmarks by grouping them in "bundles"

The changes will depend greatly on user response to the preview.

Social bookmarking has added a completely human element to classifying data on the Web. This is one of the high points of Web 2.0, and it will increasingly find use in organizations and enterprises.