Generating a bigger bowel mooovement

In April, I blogged about industrial-sized "digesters" that, through heat and microbes, reduce mountains of waste into gas or electricity. Well, it looks like company Microgy is in deep manure now with the opening of a new plant next month in Huckabay, Texas. See the news article: "Gas from manure: Big plant to open."

According to the story, "When complete, the eight digesters—each of which hold 916,000 gallons—will be able to process the manure of 10,000 cows. That's enough to produce a billion cubic feet of biogas a year. A year's worth of biogas can sell for about $4.6 million. The plant itself costs $11.2 million."

Why should you give a turd? "Turning manure into gas has environmental benefits. Traditional manure composting can lead to algae blooms and chemical runoffs." Truly, this technology is brilliant. In fact, I could blog about it until the cows come home...