Google and Yahoo! announce new tools

The domain of search has had a high this week. Yahoo! introduced its Suggest tool, which aims to guess queries as users type them in. Google unveiled plans for a search tool tailored for finding mobile devices specific content and also launched its custom site search feature.

Google Mobile Search

Google Mobile SearchGoogle Mobile Search finds exclusive content for mobiles, such as games, ring tones, wallpapers, and applications. The Web giant is beta testing its mobile AdSense platform to target the mobile space. Google has all its mobile plans well paced, having made quality apps available for high-end phones, such as the iPhone and BlackBerry.


Google hopes to ring up mobile phone content sale (Ars Technica)

Google looking into mobile search (Search Views)

Google Custom Site search

Google has also come out with its Custom Site search service, which lets Web sites use the power of Google's search tool to index and deliver content from the site. Also, the add-ons include metrics to measure the most popular queries and search result statistics. Here's a review at SearchNewz.

Yahoo Suggest

And yes, Yahoo!, Google's competitor, launched its Suggest feature, which guesses user queries as they are typed. Google has had a similar offering from 2004 onwards. A comparison of both is available at WebAdvantage.


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Yahoo Search

The search space has always been abuzz with new feature announcements. Google's recent moves seem interesting as they attempt to crawl and monetize all Web properties. Yahoo! is attempting to play catch up, but that killer feature has been missing so far. Moving on to the mobile space, it will be great to watch the Google juggernaut taking on the Yahoo Go! Service. Who do you think will dominate the mobile search space?