IBM gets into Web conferencing

WebDialogsIBM enters the world of Web conferencing with the purchase of WebDialogs, the Massachusetts-based, privately-held provider of Web conferencing and communications services. This pits Big Blue in direct competition with Cisco Systems.

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The collaboration software supports a series of communications technologies, including instant messaging, e-mail and telephony, and lets users route incoming phone calls to a nearby handset or voice mail.

IBM plans to integrate WebDialogs into Lotus and the SameTime family of products. IBM will also be licensing parts of Siemens OpenScape software to provide unified communication services.

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Well, the signs are clear. The unified communication space is going to witness Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco in direct competition. While enterprises can appreciate the choices, what factors would influence your organization to make a shift to unified communication (or what factors mattered the most when you made the shift)?