IBM joins community

IBM joins OpenOfficeIBM will be joining the community in a move that will see Big Blue making code contributions and also leveraging some of the OpenOffice technologies in its products.

A quote from the press release at

"We look forward to working with IBM and the other members of to ensure that this momentum continues. We invite others to join us in the community and participate in building the future as and ODF continue to gain popularity across the planet,” said Rich Green, Executive Vice President, Software at Sun Microsystems, Inc. was founded by Sun Microsystems and has been a major purveyor of the Open Document Format (ODF). In addition, OpenOffice supports PDF documents.

It is interesting to note that it was only last month that Google shipped StarOffice (developed on the same code base as that of OpenOffice) along with the Google Pack.

IBM's backing to can be seen as pitting OpenOffice against Microsoft's Office suite products. Until now, OpenOffice has never challenged Microsoft Office's share in the enterprise. Is this the beginning of the end of Microsoft Office's dominance?


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