IBM's BladeCenter - S: Blade servers tailored for SMBs

Blade servers have always been available for large enterprises that can maintain data centers and provide the required power supply and maintenance staff. Now, IBM's new BladeCenter - S seeks to provide SMBs (small and medium businesses) with the simplicity and functionality of blade servers to handle multiple applications (anti-virus, phone system, servers), coupled with minimum configuration hassles and a 110-volt pluggable power requirement.

Here's an excerpt from IBM Press release @

"Growing businesses with constrained resources have been grappling with ways to leverage technology advances to improve their competitive advantage without increasing costs," said Alex Yost, vice president and business line executive, IBM BladeCenter. "IBM's introduction of a purpose built BladeCenter for small offices and distributed locations will now help smaller firms get the simplification and integration that the biggest companies have been getting from blades, in a package that is optimized for their business. IBM BladeCenter is the right choice for customers looking for open, green and easy IT integration."

The salient features of the new BladeCenter - S server are:

  • Chassis can incorporate up to 6 blades
  • Regular Gigabit Ethernet links
  • A dozen disk arrays for storage
  • Choice of processors - Intel, AMD, or IBM's own Power processors
  • Choice to have hard drives on the server blades, in a separate enclosure to go with the blade, or attached separately via the DS3200 SAS array, which holds up to 42 SAS hard drives for a total raw capacity of up to 14.4 Tbytes
  • Wizard-based installation to minimize IT administration
  • Peripherals for BladeCenter -S are compatible with IBM's BladeCenter product family

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Pricing and power consumption details regarding the new BladeCenter are yet to be disclosed. If you own or run an SMB, do you find IBM's offering enticing? What additiaonl features do you think are important? Share your experience.