IBM's Jazz: A collaborative platform for distributed software development

IBM, at its Rational Software Development Conference in Orlando, introduced the Jazz Project for augmenting seamless collaborative software development. Having pioneered the development of the Eclipse project, which it contributed to the open-source community, the Big Blue is now looking to make software to ease collaboration among teams of developers working on projects simultaneously.

"What Jazz does is gives you one interface to all the data about the project," said Carey Schwaber, senior analyst at Forrester. "I think this is an opportunity for IBM to really re-take market leadership in the development tool space." Read the full article from InfoWorld.

Erich Gamma, an IBM distinguished engineer, said that Jazz can track all aspects of a development project, including events that affect the coding process, potential problems and their causes. The software lets developers discuss the problems and pass code back and forth to fix them. Jazz uses RSS feeds to stream data from Jazz's central repository to all team members, he noted.

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IBM is keenly eyeing the software development and software lifecycle management space. It introduced Rational Team Concert as a software product built on the Jazz framework for collaborative development among distributed teams. The software will be available on Jazz. net, a portal for Rational customers to access the technology and contribute to its development.

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Bolstered with the recent acquisition of Telelogic, a maker of products for managing complex software development projects, IBM has a whole slew of software addressing the application lifecycle management space. Have you worked with distributed teams for software development? How was your experience with the processes, and do you think the features in Jazz will ease development? Join the discussion.