IBM's sign language technology

IBM researchers in Hursley, England, have developed an innovative technology called SiSi (Say It Sign It), which converts spoken words into British Sign Language (BSL). The technology can be of great help to deaf people.

Here's a quote from an article at The Press Association:

"This technology has the potential to make life easier for the deaf community by providing automatic signing for television broadcasts, and making radio news and talk shows available to a new audience over the Internet, or by providing automated voicemail transcription to allow them to make better use of the mobile network."

With the aid of this technology, digital characters can be used for converting spoken words into signed language, essentially digitizing the role of sign language interpreters. SiSi relies on the speech recognition for converting spoken words to text, and then the text is converted to gestures in a sign language that can be exhibited by a customizable virtual character or avatar.

The technology is not radically altering, but it is definitely a great boon to the differently-abled community. From presentations to mobile phones, the technology has numerous areas of application.

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