Intuit releases QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions for Linux

Hot on the heels of Apple’s release of Safari on the Windows platform, it appears that Intuit has also decided to give another operating system a try. In this case, the suitor is Linux, and the bride is QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, according to the press release.

So says eWeek:

Inuit is making this move in response to users’ requests for an open-source option.

Note that this is not the Quicken or QuickBooks application that made Intuit such a household name with end users, especially in the States. However, it still does represent a major shift towards a different platform.

I believe this represents a bigger overall trend of software companies releasing their commercial offerings on different platforms. Additionally, they are, in most cases, also supporting these new platforms simultaneously.

Do you think we are but seeing the tip of an accelerating development in which the major commercial players start releasing their products for multiple platforms? How do you think that will affect your job security as well as your choice of training courses and/or certifications?

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