Is Digg's new public beta hot Digg-ity or not Digg-ity?

As a news editor, I've heard a lot of praise about community recommend sites, such as Digg and Reddit. If I was to compare it to mathematics, the equation is fairly simple - IT professionals judge the quality of online content by how many of their peers consume it (more = better). Well, Digg fans now have even more to love, as video submissions and additional categories has been added to its list of news topics. Check out the news article, "News site Digg digs deeper."

According to the story, "Digg, the Web site where users decide what is newsworthy, unveiled a revamped public beta site on Thursday that expands beyond technology news and lets people 'dig' videos too." Digg's chief executive Jay Adelson says, "Using Digg's new beta, which will be available beginning Monday, users also will be able to do the same [Digg 'em, that is] for news stories related to world events, business, entertainment, science, and gaming, as well as any video submissions." Take a look at the image gallery: New things to dig in Digg.  

From what I've observed, Digg was previously geared toward a geek-centric audience. Do you think that opening the gate to what people can Digg will change the feel and/or value of Digg? I also question the logic of Digging video submissions, because videos aren't traditionally focused on news, which is the platform Digg was founded on and that people have come to love and know. Do you Digg it?