IT news for April 16: Microsoft-Yahoo saga; Zune VideoX; MySQL 5.1

News to know for April 16, 2008, features stories about: the epic Microsoft-Yahoo saga, Zune VideoX, MySQL 5.1, Pystar's Mac clones, and much more.

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Notable headlines for Wednesday, April 16, 2008: Tricia Liebert: Taking it to the … Web. Starbucks wants your ideas. Jason Hiner: A visual diagram of the epic Microsoft-Yahoo saga Toni Bowers: Anger in the office: Its effect could depend on your gender Mary Jo Foley: Zune VideoX: Microsoft's iTunes killer? Larry Dignan: Intel's quarter on target: The tech sector exhales
Dell rolls out AMD quad-core servers; AMD lands VMware certification
Seagate cuts June quarter outlook
Video: Hi-tech shoe shopping Garett Rogers: Add videos of your business to Google Maps Paula Rooney: Sun debuts MySQL 5.1 with no licensing change
openQRM goes solo after Qlusters dumps open source strategy

ISO calls for end to Open XML 'personal attacks'

David Morgenstern: Apple seeking engineers with the right touch Jason O'Grady: Attack of the clones: Psystar to battle Apple on EULA John Morris: Dell slims down its laptops for small business Oracle patches DB, apps Dennis Howlett: Coghead Gallery signals new new opportunities for developers Facebook: A new way to share with friends Facebook Lexicon TechRepublic: Don't wait to address performance problems on a project Andrew Nusca: How to calibrate your HDTV Phil Wainewright: Squaring the cloud Dana Gardner: It's not your company's data anymore Fred Wilson: Ten Questions About Entrepreneurs Dana Blankenhorn: My kid hates Linux too! (so what?)Matthew Miller: Mowser ends, but the mobile web must live on. Kingsley-Hughes: Mobile Web must die! TechCrunch: Google's Don't Be Evil Not “Ordained Motto” Says Marissa Mayer Amazon's MP3s not affecting iTunes Kingsley-Hughes: Seagate files suit against STEC for SSD patent infringement

Windows XP SP3 release dates

Zappos tries on Twitter

Gallery: Apple TV 2.0.2 Software Released (right)

Blankenhorn: Windows (in)security and open source Harry Fuller: Brijit: Saving the planet, one magazine at a time

AOL tacks on Sphere; Reinvention continues

Silicon Alley Insider: Ads In Twitter Streams? Nope Paul Murphy: The obligatory 'Victoria Falls' post Segway goes Web 2.0, launches social site Download Squad: Parenting 2.0: Mom pranks son's MySpace as punishment