IT news for April 17: CIO salaries rise; GUI changes in Vista SP1; Hyper-V

News to know for April 17, 2008, features stories about: the rise of CIO salaries, GUI changes in Microsoft Vista SP1, Fixed Mobile Convergence, Hyper-V, and much more.

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Notable headlines for Thursday, April 17, 2008: Andy Moon: Are you ready for the next version of IP? Paul Mah: CIO salaries on the rise Michael Kassner: Cisco 800 series Integrated Services Routers now support 802.11n Greg Shultz: An investigation of GUI changes found in Windows Vista SP1 Jason Hiner: Fixed Mobile Convergence can centralize business numbers and reduce airtime Sonja Thompson: TR Member Spotlight with Palmetto Ed Bott: Is Hyper-V ready for the Windows desktop?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft looks to make product planning more science than art. Gallery (right). WSJ: Yahoo-Google Deal Advances Popular Mechanics: How Social Networking Could Kill Web Search as We Know It Larry Dignan: Apple plugs Pwn2Own winning vulnerability

Mozilla delivers Firefox update WSJ: Security is No Match for Chocolate and Good Looking Women Nate McFeters: Mark Dowd's null pointer dereference exploit and advanced Flash ActionScript techiques proove definitively: Aliens Do Exist!

Targeted spear phishing attacks

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Digging into Psystar Larry Dignan: Big Blue delivers big profits; Ups 2008 outlook Heather Clancy: Making the most out of Earth Day, the green tech way Jason Perlow: Let's try this again - how about an XPhone? Dennis Howlett: The poverty of enterprise 2.0 and social media Jason O'Grady: Problems extending an Airport Express n network on Comcast
Rik Fairlie: Build your own Wi-Fi antenna
Twitter: Blocked in Dubai over inconsistent values; Where's the next ban? Zoho launches enterprise CRM; Aims to poach customers
Dennis Howlett: Zoho can come second and still win
Nate McFeters: Taking ownership (pwnership) of content: Cross-site Scripting Google Tom Foremski: Wish everybody well . . . the market will take care of dumb competitors Charles Cooper: Microsoft 1, blogosphere 0 TechRepublic: The ten roles you need for ITIL configuration management

Google's paid clicks anemic in March; Will it matter?

Gizmodo: Internal Microsoft Vista Video is as Painful as Videos Get Roughly Drafted: IBM Launches Pilot Program for Migrating to Macs Dana Gardner: Desktop as a service era ramps up as Citrix marks May delivery of XenDesktop at a tough price to beat Paula Rooney: Open source ERP rivals Compiere, OpenBravo expand partner networks Matthew Miller: Asus officially announces launch of Asus Eee PC 900 Roland Piquepaille: A new way to improve computer graphics
Andrew Nusca: New high-def S3 graphics processor announced
Dana Blankenhorn: Why source matters to SaaS Garett Rogers: Google Earth now in true 3D Dan Kusnetzky: Could 3Leaf's Virtual Compute Environment Grow on You?

San Quentin prison: IT failure is life or death

TechCrunch: Valleywag Fires Writer Who Criticized Valleywag