IT news for April 18: Google's strong earnings; PayPal browsers; NetSuite's OneWorld suite

News to know for April 18, 2008, features stories about: PayPal browsers, Flock, Google's strong earnings, NetSuite's OneWorld suite, and much more.

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Paul Mah: PayPal to get selective about browsers

Jason Hiner: Flock -- Is there room for a Swiss Army Knife in the Web browser market? Bill Detwiler: Welcome to TechRepublic's IT Dojo

David Davis: Run Linux on your Cisco router with Cisco's new AXP module

Scott Lowe: Next up at Westminster College: "Ubiquitous Computing" Beth Blakely: TechRepublic Out Loud - April 18, 2008


Larry Dignan: Google delivers; Maybe paid clicks weren't such a big deal Ed Bott: Is Hyper-V ready for the Windows desktop? Larry Dignan: AMD posts loss; sees seasonally down quarter ahead

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is it Microsoft or Ubuntu that scared Red Hat away from the desktop? Nathan McFeters: PCI Compliance gets clarified and neutered (further) Larry Dignan: NetSuite rolls out OneWorld suite; Eyes ERP in the cloud Phil Wainewright: Amazon Web Services gets serious about enterprise

Dion Hinchcliffe: Web 2.0 success stories driving WOA and informing SOA

Heather Clancy: Hitachi tests its own green IT theories with new data center project

Joe McKendrick: Carbon management dashboards and SOA's uncertain role in Green IT

Steve O'Hear: The best Facebook apps for business and career enhancement

Larry Dignan: Psystar: We're legit, but our merchant gateway dropped us

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source tries again with health care

Paula Rooney: OOXML appeal possible, but looks unlikely John Morris: First reviews of the Asus Eee PC 900 Larry Dignan: Google-Yahoo search test an alleged hit; Squeezes Microsoft Andrew Nusca: Is Nikon preparing a 24-megapixel D3 replacement?

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