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Katrina used to be a pretty name

...but looking at the pictures on MSNBC this morning (, I see how incredibly ugly it can be. 

Last year, I was in Florida when hurricanes Bonnie and Charlie came through and created their paths of destruction.  At one point, Charlie was headed right for Ft. Myers Beach, where I was vacationing with my sister and her family. After several hours of deliberation, we decided to pack up the cars and travel across the state towards Miami. Even though the eye turned and went further down the coast, we were thankful that we had the ability to leave (vehicles) and seek shelter (money) elsewhere.

One of the stories I read on CNET's this morning was about how bloggers are recording the amount of destruction that was caused by Katrina. (Read "Bloggers record Katrina destruction"  If you have some time and an interest in keeping up with this storm, you might want to check out some of the blogs that are featured, including:

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