Leaked video reveals Google's plan to challenge Facebook

Hot on the heels of Sonja Thompson's post about Facebook's plan to make members’ names and photos available through Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft search engines is a report about Google's plan to challenge Facebook.

The information comes from an accidentally published video discovered by a reader of Google Blogoscoped. As expected, it has since been removed.

Here's an excerpt from Wired Blogs:

Google is going after Facebook. A leaked video contains details on Google's plans to integrate a number of its offerings (think Picasa, GTalk, Calendar, Reader and more) into what the movie refers to as "activity streams." Activity streams can be subscribed to by friends, creating a way to track and update what you and your friends are up to, à la Facebook's feeds.

Some other interesting nuggets of information gleaned from the video include the following:

  • Two-thirds of all RSS feeds only have one subscriber
  • Feeds with more than one subscriber are polled every hour for updates, while those with only one subscriber are polled once every three hours
  • The Google Reader back end stores a staggering 10 terebytes of data from eight million feeds
  • According to FeedBurner statistics, Google Reader is the largest full-content reader, and My Yahoo is the largest headline reader

You can read more at Google Blogoscoped.

What I find personally intriguing is the use of Google Reader to track friends. Indeed, upgrades and improvements to Google Reader are in the works. Greater internationalization is being slated for some time next week, as well as other things such as a recommendations feature.

Do Google's plans make sense at all?