Lenovo's highly power-efficient PC

Lenovo's Blue Sky desktop computer is as power efficient as 45 watts of power consumption suggests. The machine is also equipped with a low-speed fan and is 25 percent smaller than the earlier ThinkCentre models.

Here's a quote from an article on TechWorld:

It will run either the AMD Athlon 64x2 dual-core processor or the AMD Sempron processor, with several choices of ultra-small hard drives, ranging from 80GB to 750GB. It has 4GB of memory and comes preloaded with either the Windows Vista Business or Windows XP Professional operating system.

It is made up of 90 percent reusable or recyclable materials, and its packaging is 90 percent recyclable (PC World). Because of its energy efficiency and recyclable materials, it is Lenovo's first product to win a Gold EPEAT rating from the Green Electronics Council.

The move towards energy efficiency isn't just limited to data centers and high power computing. Considering the scale to which systems are deployed in organizations, greener PCs are definitely a welcome trend.