Mapplets arrive in Google maps

Mapplets have come to Google Maps, and the possibilities are intriguing.

Any retailer will be far behind the curve if they don't create a mapplet for its brick-and-mortar locales.

Bike shops can plan cycling tours by adding contours to their route maps and show how well they've avoided incredibly hard uphill slogging in laying out your century (or, for iron men and women, show exactly how brutally punished their black-diamond tour will be).

Add the position locator, click, and you now have your lat and lon for installing your new satellite dish. Any worthy satellite company should be scrambling to create azimuth and declination mapplet for its 'birds' in orbit.

Of course, posting the location of speed traps would be naughty, very naughty.

And, developer tools are already available. Free, of course.

What will you do with easy, free mapplet tools?