Microsoft and Siemens to bring goods of infotainment into cars

Microsoft will be collaborating with Siemens VDO Automotive AG to bring a range of next generation communication and entertainment systems into vehicles.

A quote from the article at PC World:

The new multimedia system planned by Siemens VDO, to be available in early 2009, will be based on hardware components and software developed by the German company, and include entertainment and communication components of Microsoft Auto, according to Siemens VDO spokeswoman Eva Appold.

Microsoft has also been working with Ford Motors (AP) on the 'Sync system' that lets users control electronic devices via voice commands or steering wheel buttons.

Consumer electronic devices are seeing a phenomenal technological growth owing to the increased memory capacities and the availability of powerful power efficient processors. Seamless integration of the devices in vehicles and households is a sector that is bound to see a lot of development in the future.

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