Microsoft clarifies Windows Server virtual licensing

MicrosoftFor those of you folks who are into the Virtual Server thing, and you currently deploy Windows-based servers, here's a heads-up for you on the licensing scene where Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 R2 is concerned.

According to a white paper that has just been released by Microsoft on the above product, customers running Standard Edition are entitled to run just once instance of the OS in either a physical or virtual environment. Enterprise Edition customers however, get to run one physical instance and up to four simultaneous virtual instances per processor license. Datacenter users owners get to run an unlimited number of physical or virtual versions.

You can also use this online calculator tool to assist in estimating the number of licenses that you would need, as well as how to predict the cost of running the various editions of the operating system based on your needs.

The Register has a more detailed article on this.

Does your company run Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition? If so, does this affect your deployment strategy, seeing that you now have 4 more virtual machines (per processor license) to play with? If not, does it influence you to consider getting the Enterprise Edition instead?

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