Mistletoe SlimLine: In-line, gigabit network appliance

MistletoeMistletoe Technologies has announced the company's newest products set, the Mistletoe SlimLine series of network appliance.

If you recall, Mistletoe Technologies were the folks who developed the industry's first complete network and security system-on-chip (SoC) with features such as VPN, firewall, traffic management, as well as denial of service prevention (DoS) applications entirely in silicon.

The new SlimLine appliance is based upon this Mistletoe Reloadable Direct eXecution (RDX) technology and comes as the following products:

  • SlimLine Firewall - Network firewall with VLAN support
  • SlimLine FlowManage - Traffic monitoring and management
  • SlimLine Encryptor -Point to point hardware encryption
  • SlimLine AntiDoS - Defends against DoS

The really amazing thing about the SlimLine is that, yes, they are really slim. Meant as an in-line, zero-U network appliance, they consume a mere 15 watts of power, which can be delivered over power over Ethernet (PoE).

SlimLineYet because of its programmable grammar-based hardware parser, it is capable of wire speed performance up a blistering 2Gbps.

According to Mistletoe Technologies, the SlimLine will be shipping in volume and be generally available on 9th August onwards.

If the detailed product information of the SlimLine that Mistletoe Technologies forwarded is any indication, it is also a very affordable appliance, with a SlimLine firewall having a list price of just $1,195.

In fact, Mistletoe has promised to send TechRepublic some evaluation units. So stay tuned, and we will get back to you once the SlimLine appliances arrive and our local networking gurus get their hands on them.

In the meantime, you can read more about the various possible applications of the SlimLine.