Mobile phones and the risks to enterprise data security

Any place, any time connectivity is more of a necessity than a luxury in today's work environment. But with the increased freedom provided by mobile devices comes the risk of managing the gargantuan data flowing in and out of the organization. Is the enterprise adept at handling the security risks?

Nine out of 10 large businesses are not keeping track of information on mobile devices, reports the In the age when the phone is rapidly replacing the PC, the risks are very high. Theft of devices is another great risk that companies have to manage with employees getting more mobile.

This article from KoreaTimes proves that the threat is a global challenge:

Threats have become more sophisticated as people use their phones for advanced functions. McAfee, a virus-scanning software company, claims that mobile malware (programs that are designed to cause damage or steal information) increased 10 times faster than PC threats than in any year before in 2005. In 2006, the amount of harmful software designed for mobiles rocketed up by 40 percent.

What strategies are deployed at your enterprises to ensure safety of data over the various mobile devices? More importantly, do you think the policies are adequate to sustain security in the ever-expanding world of mobile media?