More than one way to skin an Origami mascot

Ok, so last week I started a discussion on a story about Microsoft's Origami. The Origami devices are mini-tablet PCs that run on Windows and cost as little as $600. Several TechRepublic members posted their thoughts about Origami, and then the entire topic just kinda slipped from my mind... until today. When I initially saw this photo gallery, I was confused - "Photos: Origami folding at MIT." What did Microsoft's Origami Project have anything to do with a beaver, and why were MIT students creating Origami mascots??

A quick Google search clued me in.  "Definitions of origami on the Web: The art of paper-folding Square pieces of colored paper are folded into birds, animals, and other shapes."

A-ha! The photo gallery certainly makes more sense now. However, I have a bunch of other questions that are plaguing me as a result, such as:

  • Is there a paper-folding secret encrypted in Microsoft's Origami devices?
  • Will Microsoft's Origami devices come in the shape of birds or other animals?
  • If not the beaver, what would be the most appropriate Microsoft Origami mascot?

Origami mascot
 Does the beaver get your Origami mascot vote?

Origami versus a mini tablet pc
 Or should it be Origami versus a mini tablet PC?