Mozilla FireFox surges ahead

Having cleared the 400 million mark in the number of downloads, Mozilla FireFox, the free Web browser and the best competitor to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, is also seeing increased market share in Europe.

A snip from the article at TechWorld:

The free Firefox Web browser, which is distributed by Mozilla, has a 28-percent share of the European market, according to a report released in July by French web analytics company, XiTi Monitor. Hungary has seen the most dramatic increase in Firefox use, from 27.2 percent in the March 2007 survey to nearly 40 percent in July. At a global level, Mozilla has around 15 percent of the market, with South America seeing the biggest increase.

Along with this is the news of screen shots of 'Places Organizer' (PC World), the feature debuting in FireFox 3.0 that allows users to better manage bookmarks and saved pages. The feature is supported over a database, which makes it easy for user to retrieve data.

One interesting statistic that came to light was that half of those who download Firefox never actually install the application (VNUnet). Is it more about people not getting over "clicking the blue 'e' syndrome"?