Mozilla rekindles Eudora e-mail client

Eudora e-mail clientThe Mozilla foundation has announced the release of Eudora Client 8.0.0b1 that is based on the ThunderBird but has the look and functionality of the old e-mail client.

A quote from the article at VNUnet:

"We are committed to preserving the Eudora user experience and maintaining maximum compatibility for developers and users with Thunderbird," said the developers.

"It is our goal to build a single development community around Thunderbird and Eudora, so that both mailers advance faster than before."

Eudora was a popular e-mail client in the 90's but its use waned subsequently, and it was handed down to the Mozilla foundation for further development in October 2006 by the owners Qualcomm. The new release is more of an add-on to Thunderbird, but it also goes to show how the coordinated efforts from a non-profit organization can see the development of projects to fruition. Download the release, known as Project Penelope.

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