My ex put naked photos of me on the Web... started a series in July called "Police blotter," which intersects technology and the law. If you're easily sucked into the TV show "Cops," then you'll find this series even more addicting because it targets the inner geek that's in most IT pros. When I read the installment that was released this past Friday, I laughed my pants off.... ok, not literally, but you'll soon understand my choice of words: "Police blotter: Nude 'profile' yields Yahoo suit."

Here's the dirt: A woman named Cecilia Barnes tried to sue Yahoo after her ex-boyfriend, Randolph Russell, posted a personal profile with nude photos of her and her work contact information. Russell also went to chat rooms and enticed men to view the profile, which resulted in unwelcome suitors showing up at her workplace.

Barnes' attempt to claim $3 million in damages from Yahoo was denied. The judge ruled that a string of precedents immunized Yahoo from such lawsuits. There has to be a moral to this story, and I'd love to hear other people's suggestions. Here are a few of mine:

(1) When breaking up, always try your very best to part on good terms.
(2) Before breaking up, destroy all incriminating evidence.
(3) Even if your relationship is wonderful, start stocking up on ammunition you can use against the other person.