New Power6 boxes by IBM beats the rest in Java

IBMIBM has just released SpecJbb benchmark results for its Power6-based servers. In short, the figures show IBM resounding thrashing competing systems from both the x86 and the RISC crowd, in the four-socket and above systems category at least.

You can read more about it at The Register: IBM's beefy Power6 boxes slaughter Java.

It appears that the Power6 chips achieve comparatively linear scaling with regards to bops/JVM, compared with the other platforms as well. In a world that is converging towards Intel or AMD processors, the Power6 seems to be doing well forging ahead, albeit on an increasingly lonely path.

Yet perhaps in an encouraging sign to Power6 advocates, to quote from The Register:

"these Java Benchmarks bring us a bit closer to understanding Power6’s true performance"

If you are an appetite for hard numbers, David Kanter of Real World Technologies has a nice summary.

In the meantime, why don’t you join the discussion and tell us if you would ever consider getting a Power6 kit. Why or why not?