News to know for Friday, April 11, 2008

News to know for April 11, 2008 features stories about: military equipment winding up on Craigslist and eBay, Gartner analysts' prediction that Windows is "collapsing," tips for handling technology failures, the latest on Microhoo, and much more.

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Notable headlines: Paul Mah: Gartner analysts think that Windows is 'collapsing' Larry Dignan: With new support for third party apps, Cisco routers start to look like servers Tricia Liebert: I found it on Craigslist — an F-14 and night vision goggles Jason Hiner: Five seismic trends for IT management in 2008 Beth Blakely: TR Out Loud - April 11, 2008 Larry Dignan: Traditional software licensing: Could a customer revolt cook the model? The week in video: Matthew Miller: Software that can improve the UI on your Windows Mobile device

QWERTY or T9 text input methods, which do 968 prefer?
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Friday Rant - Here's a perfect example of why DRM sucks John Morris: Dell is latest to plan a $400 laptop MGM Mirage's IT green field: RFID meets alcohol; predictive modeling; bandwidth galore Michael Krigsman: 7 tips for handling technology failures ArsTechnica: Report: Microsoft fastest to issue OS patches, Sun slowest Valleywag: Did you sign Google's noncompete? Good, you're fired Joe McKendrick: When software and politics mix, quality suffers Christopher Dawson: Can mini-notebooks meet teacher needs, too? Images: IBM's racetrack memory. IBM's racetrack memory seeks 100x boost in density John Carroll: What kind of company would "Micro-hoo" be? Larry Dignan: Yahoo investor doubles down: Is that double dumb? Mary Jo Foley: What if News Corp., MSN and Yahoo were a separate company? Microhoo careens toward closure: Assessing the moving parts Dealbook: Google C.E.O. Taps Quattrone as Adviser in Yahoo Battle Dennis Howlett: Google and does it make sense? Fred Wilson: We Need A New Path To Liquidity Roland Piquepaille: Laser scanning robot 3D-R1 used to map mines Tom Foremski: If Black is the new search why not branded search? James Farrar: What is a sustainable business anyway? Dana Blankenhorn: Whispers will not kill fair use. Astaro calls plain English the open source vendor value-add

Photos: Orbiter takes closeups of Martian moon Phobos

Richard Koman: Who won CyberStorm II? Cyberwar games test nations' responses Hugh Macleod: WHY I DELETED MY TWITTER ACCOUNT Andrew Nusca: Sony, Sanyo, Panasonic battle for compact camcorder crown Phil Wainewright: Why Symantec bought Appstream (not) Heather Clancy: The Planet's tips for cutting data center power use Jason O'Grady: iPhone 2.0 to get contact searching; meeting invites Steve O'Hear: Flickr user revolt; Why I deleted my twitter account Christopher Dawson: When all the technology in the world won't help


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