News to know for Friday, April 4, 2008

News to know for April 4 includes an update on the life span of Windows XP, new Sprint CEO's plans for WiMAX, critical patches for Vista and Windows 2008, more layoffs at Dell, photos of new phones from CTIA Wireless 2008, and much more.

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Notable headlines:

Tricia Liebert: Windows XP lives on! Sort of Jason Hiner: Sprint CEO stays the course on WiMAX, but launch won't happen in April Paul Mah: Microsoft asked to pay 175 million in taxes in India Larry Dignan and Dan Farber: EIC podcast: SAP, Intel, Dell, XP and Google Larry Dignan: Microsoft readies Vista, Windows Server 2008 critical patches Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft: June 30 Windows XP cut-off set in stone Christopher Dawson: Now we can have Windows XP Home! Dan Farber:'s Benioff bests SAP's Plattner in debate Phil Wainewright: The future of SaaS billing Joshua Greenbaum: Making Things Safe for Business ByDesign II Joe McKendrick: World's biggest compute job... to be done by pen and paper Dell: More layoffs on tap; ITaaS; And a bit of gadget lust Google: Cone of silence (finally) lifts on the spectrum auction David Morgenstern: Wayback Machine: QuickTime, NAB 1998 and the fight over video playback Ryan Stewart: AIR Twitter client Twhirl gets bought by Seesmic Dennis Howlett: Seesmic, Twhirl, Newsgang: whereto for RSS? Techmeme Christopher Dawson: Hands-on: Classmate 2 Matthew Miller: Hands-free software applications and services for your mobile phone Rik Fairlie: iPass launches Wi-Fi and 3G service for travelers Silicon Alley Insider: Craigslist Valuation: $80 Million in 2008 Revenue, Worth $5 Billion Heather Clancy: Forrester: IT planners to get a jolt of green this year MediaPost: Study: ‘Influencers’ Possess Less Clout Jason D. O'Grady: 64-bit Photoshop to be Windows only, at first Dana Blankenhorn: Early draft of Microsoft XAML now online Steve O'Hear: Official: MySpace to form join venture with major record labels; Techmeme Dave Greenfield: IBM and Linden Partner on Enterprise-Class Second Life Paul Murphy: User perceptions and student jobs Harry Fuller: Hybrid cars becoming ever more political


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