News to know for Monday, April 7, 2008

News to know for April 7, 2008 features stories about: Windows 7, mobile Linux, Google's BigTable, the launch of Facebook chat, <i>The New York Times</i>' "Blogging will kill you" story, and much more.

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Notable headlines: Paul Mah: Security news roundup: Bumper Patch Tuesday from Microsoft tomorrow, Intel to release anti-theft tech for laptops Paul Mah: Windows 7 in 2009? Well, not really Toni Bowers: March marks third consecutive month of job losses Tricia Liebert: The viral meme — popularity by committee Jason Hiner: How a geek hacked his way to a billion dollar business — and it's not Bill Gates Jack Wallen: And so… Gartner has finally joined the open source bandwagon Yahoo launches 'stock market for ads' Larry Dignan: The three week Microhoo countdown begins... Mary Jo Foley: Ballmer tells Yahoo board: Get off the pot
Microsoft's letter to Yahoo
Paula Rooney: Backed by Intel, Ubuntu, Google, mobile Linux is poised for commercial takeoff in 2008 Dana Blankenhorn: What mobile Linux is missing Christopher Dawson: 9000 PCs in Swiss schools going Linux only provides a glimpse into MID/netbook development Garett Rogers: Google to launch BigTable this week? TechCrunch: Comcast, Twitter And The Chicken (trust me, I have a point) Janice Chen: The highs and lows of digital camcorders: Flip Video Ultra vs. Sony Handycam HDR-TG1 Anatomy of a 'Blogging will kill you' story: Why I didn't make the cut. New York Times: In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop Techmeme. Dana Gardner: I'm dying to blog on the NYT story, but it's nothing to lose sleep over Dennis Howlett: Jive Clearspace 2.0: a clear improvement Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Friday Rant: Let XP die! Ed Bott: Windows Media Center meets cable TV in HD

Gallery: Windows Vista Media Center in HD
Roland Piquepaille: Every move you make tracked by RFID tags Michael Krigsman: Crazed supermodel pissed at Heathrow T5 failure

New York Times: Yahoo Reveals Details of Its New Ad Sales System Ryan Stewart: JavaFX preview coming in May with a 1.0 release "shortly thereafter" Tom Foremski: Apple's secret plan to grab a chunk of the search market

Laptop makers adopt 3G Gobi chipset

Harry Fuller: How much solar to run the whole U.S.? Dana Gardner: 'Platform as a Service' enables cloud-based software development and deployment lifecycle approach
MokaFive moves desktop virtualization into the cloud
Joe McKendrick: Something strange in your SOA... who you gonna call? Review: HP Officejet H470b Mobile Printer Nate McFeters: Taking ownership of content Inside Facebook: Facebook Chat Launches - Tour & First Impressions

China allows access to English Wikipedia

Jason O'Grady: Adobe reconsiders Photoshop Express TOS Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Creative backs down on modded Vista drivers Harry Fuller: Air wars and the future of green tech firms

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week (right)

MobileTechRoundup show #128, CTIA, S60 gaming, ULCPC, and WM 6.1

Jury rules for Alcatel in Microsoft patent case

Foley: Microsoft weekend roundup: The 'no's' have it Paul Murphy: That's a QED - on "odd internet risks" Gag lifted, Verizon, AT&T, Google open up on FCC 700 Mhz auction Richard Koman: Feds lift ban on IBM Christopher Dawson: The best Linux distro for a new breed of PCs Heather Clancy: System builder Super Micro shows green stripes Dennis Howlett: Want Surface but not the cost? Try wii'ing

Dell's grand plan a dud with analysts; Where's the detail?


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