News to know for Thursday, April 10, 2008

News to know for April 10, 2008 features stories about: the latest twists and turns in the Microsoft/Yahoo deal, open source commandments, CTIA Wireless 2008's efforts to go green, Windows 7 release date predictions, HP's USB sticks with malware, and much more.

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Notable headlines: Andy Moon: Yahoo is trying to fend off the Microsoft deal as more players enter the picture Paul Mah: HP becomes next vendor to ship malware-infected media Bill Detwiler: CTIA Wireless 2008 goes almost green Michael Kassner: 10 Wi-Fi security tips for road warriors Larry Dignan: Yahoo goes nuclear vs. Microsoft: Inks limited Google ad deal; Microsoft fires back Jason Perlow: The Open Source Commandments Ed Bott: Cast your vote in the Windows 7 release date prediction pool Ed Burnette: 52+5 reasons to go to Google I/O Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: At last, AMD ships quad-core Opterons Nate McFeters: Adobe patches 7 issues, including Pwn2Own contest flaw and DNS rebinding issues
HP ships USB sticks with malware
Michael Krigsman: 5 reasons IT is soooo slowwww David Morgenstern: Software Update may balk at recent firmware updates Richard Koman: Comcast's true speeds and the BitTorrent deal Heather Clancy: Cisco refreshes green data center act with new Nexus switch

Photos: Australia's 5,500-mile Internet connection

How IT can save us from recession

Robin Harris: Why OS X costs twice as much as Windows Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Are Macs more expensive than PCs? Does it matter? Dana Gardner: names Nexaweb's Enterprise Web Suite 'Product of Year' Dana Blankenhorn: Will telcos accept an open source switch? Eclipse co-founder Skip McGaughey on Open Health mission Compiler: Google Says, ‘Sorry, You Search Like A Bot’ Janice Chen: How to get more from your WiFi digital photo frame TG Daily: Apple 's 3G iPhone to be priced from $399

Australian senator demands open source against US "lock-in"

Photos: Installing Charles Babbage's masterpiece (right)

Andrew Nusca: More USB fun: High-class jewelry and colorful flex cables Tiny notebooks from Dell and HP marching their way to your lap More Motorola makeover: Former AT&T exec becomes chairman

Flickr video: What's wrong with 90 seconds?

Ryan Stewart: Curl joins Eclipse foundation, moves development to Eclipse plugins


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