Omniphone launches MusicStation: A rival to iTunes?

UK-based high-tech firm Omniphone has just announced a new music service that lets users download an unlimited number of songs to their mobiles for a flat rate of Euro 2.99 per week. Touted as a major challenge to Apple's iTunes music service, MusicStation (as the service is called) includes partnerships with about 30 mobile network operators and major music companies and targets 75% of the handsets purchased today.

The service is being launched in Sweden with later launches scheduled across Europe, Asia pacific, and Africa.

"We believe that by providing consumers with the ultimate music freedom of unlimited access to music, wherever a user is, on whatever phone they buy, MusicStation is delivering the most compelling consumer proposition in digital music today," Omniphone's Lewis said. Read the full article at ZeroPaid.


  • Flat subscription rate of Euro 2.99 per week (Included download charges)
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Share, receive, publish, and access playlists from other MusicStation users
  • Centralized storing of playlist and downloads data (playlist and data not lost completely if subscription lapses, plus data is restored when the subscription is renewed)
  • Runs on all 2.5G and 3G compatible phones
  • Collection of 1 million plus songs from major labels, including Universal, Sony BMG, EMI, and Warner


  • Music cannot be transferred from the phone to any other device
  • End of subscription means all content is inaccessible

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Recently, major services and equipment makers are targeting non-U.S. markets initially in what seems like a move to first gather momentum abroad and then attack the U.S. market. Earlier it was HTC's introduction of the Touch phone, with many iPhone features, and now it is Omniphone's MusicStation against iTunes. Is Apple in for a tough ride? Join the discussion.