Qualcomm hit again: Its Nokia's countersuit

In my follow-up to the Qualcomm/Broadcom patent suit, this time it's the Finnish mobile phone major that has come calling. As detailed in the article from Associated Press, "Nokia, which filed the lawsuit in a Texas district court, is seeking damages and injunctive relief. The lawsuit deals with claims that Qualcomm's Brew smartphone and MediaFlo TV chipset products infringe on Nokia patents. "

The Qualcomm-Nokia feud dates back to several months when Qualcomm had filed 11 patent litigation cases against Nokia. Consider this, Nokia is Qualcomm's largest customer and had a technology agreement with Qualcomm for using its CDMA/W-CDMA technologies, the license for which expired last month (Business does make strange bed-fellows). While the terms of a new deal may take time to be hammered out, Qualcomm does seem to have its hands full with the double whammy! (first Broadcomm, and now Nokia)

The amount of time and resources that it takes to protect the IPRs may indeed finally weigh in on the "prices and handset development," as reported by John Blau in the PC World.

So, will the brunt fall on the consumers? Wait and watch.