Release candidate of MySQL 5.1 slated for September

MySQL recently announced that the release candidate of MySQL 5.1 will be out by September. Various alpha and beta versions of several related software products will also be out before the end of the month.

This new version will feature row-based replication, events, partitioning, disk-based cluster storage, and faster performance. Some new scalability enhancements with the InnoDB storage engine will also be included.

Here are some of the other upcoming software components:

  • MySQL Proxy - Slated for MySQL 5.1, the main task of the MySQL Proxy is to analyze queries for efficiency and filter out potentially harmful code
  • MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1 - Will feature a new, high performance driver via its API
  • Falcon Database Engine - Alpha slated to be ready for download

Excerpt from InformationWeek:

Zack Urlocker (Executive VP of products) says Falcon will be available with the release of MySQL v6 next year as a high-speed transaction system, suitable for running on multicore servers. Web site e-commerce applications with many users, who need to analyze information and execute transactions, such as those used on Internet travel sites, may need a Falcon-type database system, Urlocker said.

In addition, the MySQL Enterprise Fall 2007 release will be commercially available in the next 30 days. The MySQL Enterprise is a commercial subscription service featuring monthly software updates, quarterly service packs, and emergency hotfix builds. It also includes MySQL Enterprise Monitor, which is a tool designed to assist DBAs by proactively informing them of potential problems before they occur.

Does the multiversioning concurrency capabilities of Falcon interest you?