RSA publishes WLAN adoption report: Security still an issue while London tops Wi-Fi adoption list

RSA, the security division of EMC, commissioned a study, the findings of which are indicative of the growth of wireless LANs in three of the most important business centers (London, New York, and Paris) and also the looming threat of insecurity at wireless connectivity hubs.

While London claimed the title for the fastest growing wireless networking hub, the statistics showed that approximately one in four wireless LANs across the three cities are unsecured, meaning that they are an open invitation to hackers.

The contents of the report are abridged below:

  • Wireless adoption increases in London (160%), New York (49%), and Paris (44%) compared to last year (2006)
  • Use of security measures over Business Wireless Networks registered growth: London (81%), New York (76%), and Paris (80%)
  • Considering the wide spread information on vulnerabilities of WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), implementation of 802.11i and Wi-Fi Protected Access registered an increase at London (48%), Paris (41%), and New York (49%)

Highlighted vulnerabilities:

  • Wireless networks are configured with default settings that make it so much easier for attackers to crack. London topped with 30% of access points having default settings. For New York, the figure was 24%, and for Paris, 13%.
  • Mix-up of hotspots with wireless business networks pose serious risks to businesses that may have a number of users intentionally or accidentally connecting to them

The full report is available @ RSA Press Release

On the move connectivity is expanding the scope of networking. But the security threats are a growing concern.