Rumors of a Google Wiki?

Rumors of a Google wikiLast year, Google acquired JotSpot, the easy wiki service. At the upcoming Office 2.0 Conference at San Francisco, there are expectations of the announcement of the wiki tool as a new service in Google Apps.

New services in Google Apps?

TechCrunch and ZDNet have news on the possible addition of the new service to Google Apps and a few snips on possible login pages. Tech.Blorge also suggests that Microsoft may be up to challenge Google in the Web apps domain with its Microsoft Live App Suite updates that will also be announced at the Office 2.0 conference.

Battle for Web apps dominance

It is obvious that Microsoft wants to dominate the Web apps domain as fast as it can, before other Web application makers gain critical mass. The advantage for Microsoft is that MS Office is a winner across enterprises, and an online version of it may appeal to a wider audience.

Web-app makers like Google and Zoho are relying on flexibility, an easy interface, and simple UIs to attract attention. While it have a reputation for innovation, Microsoft may have a lot of redesigning to do here. What are your expectations of the new services from Google?