Samsung develops the first DisplayPort LCD reports that Samsung has developed the world’s first LCD panel - and a 30" panel at that, which utilizes the DisplayPort.

Touted as the next generation display interface, DisplayPort is sanctioned by VESA and is envisioned eventually to replace DVI, LVDS, and even VGA.

In terms of raw throughput, DisplayPort is able to push out a mind-boggling 2560x1600 pixels at up to 10 bits - or 1.07 billion colors.

Excerpt from Samsung develops world’s first LCD panel using DisplayPort:

For Samsung’s new 30-inch LCD, the DisplayPort interface transmits graphics data at a total data rate of 10.8Gbps. This speed enables 2560x1600 resolution without any color smear.

In a joint undertaking with Genesis Microchip Inc. Samsung developed its 30” panel using a new four-lane, 2.7Gbps/lane interface chip.

Anyway, this new 30” LCD also offers the company’s proprietary Super Patterned Vertical Alignment technology for up to a 180° viewing angle. Mass production is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2008, so there's still some time to start saving for it, folks.

I personally still use a 17" CRT monitor hooked up to my laptop (14.2" LCD) in dual-monitor mode, both in the office and at home. What about you, what is your monitor setup like?