Security news roundup: October 9, 2007

Here is a collection of recent news stories posted on TechRepublic's IT Security blog, which cover a util-linux vulnerability, Adobe's PDF flaw, an eBay server hack, and vulnerabilities in the BT Home Hub router.

Various updates have cropped up over the weekend. Of particular note is Adobe's security advisory. Under certain (common) setups, it is possible to execute remote code using a malformed PDF file.

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A new vulnerability effects the util-linux package. It can potentially be exploited by malicious local users to perform certain actions with escalated privileges.

Adobe issued a security advisory pertaining to a code execution vulnerability that affects PDF files. This comes almost three weeks after a public disclosure.

A malicious hacker broke into an eBay server, temporarily suspending the accounts of a “very small” number of members.

Multiple vulnerabilities in the BT Home Hub, one of the United Kingdom's most popular routers, is threatening to expose users to a host of eavesdropping, call spoofing, and various other nasty attacks. All an attacker needs to do to exploit the weaknesses is lure the victim to a maliciously crafted Web site.