Service Pack 1 for Vista by EOY, XP's Service Pack 3 when?

A court document revealed Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Windows Vista will ship by the end of 2007.

Patches will be required to resolve Google complaints that Vista was locked in to Microsoft's own search, and it effectively locked out Google and other search options for desktop search and indexing because of the performance hit users would reject if two search-and-index engines were running simultaneously.

This revelation also hinted at Service Pack 3 for XP, without a date certain, and came quickly on the heels of the first Vista-only patch, MS07-034, designed to patch critical problems with Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

But for the harried, hurried IT pro, this means it's time to learn how good is patch management at handling Vista. What was your experience with MS07-034 last week, and do you think your patch tools are up to the challenge of this first Vista Service Pack? Join the discussion.


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