Siemens HiPath OpenOffice: Unified communication SMB solution

Find out how Siemens HiPath OpenOffice is a unified communication product tailored for SMBs.

Communication in the enterprise can be an opportunity to reap the rewards of mobile employees or gasp in a milieu of connection points. Enter, unified communication solutions -- a single point access to all your communication needs. And Siemens HiPath OpenOffice is a unified communication product tailored for the SMBs.

Siemens HiPath OpenOffice

The solution consists of a hardware appliance, with a corresponding desktop applications that provide a single point access to your organization and a single management console for all your mail, fax, and calls. The decision of having a single hardware point was to prevent organizations from drowning in a deluge of configuration issues and to enable easy integration.

Features in the product include:

  • Presence Status: View in real-time the status of all workers in your organization on a single screen. Also, simple steps to remotely set your status.
  • Drag and Drop Conference management: Arrange conferences with multiple teams scattered over multiple locations using a simple drag and drop interface. HiPath takes care of placing calls to your contacts for prescheduled conferences.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook: The addition to your familiar Outlook is a toolbar that provides access to your e-mail, voice mail, phone, fax, and IM.
  • Attendant Console: Easy management of incoming calls with IM integration. The all-in-one display provides information on availability of personnel before transferring a call.
  • Directories and favorites list: Single point access for all your contacts and a favorites list to group your core contacts (by drag and drop) to get in touch instantly.
  • Unified voicemail and fax : Single mailbox for all your phone numbers, fax, and voicemail.
  • Notification pop ups with options to record, redirect, and answer.
  • Dial from any desktop application: Touch base with your contacts using the single click and dial feature, which lets you dial any number from your e-mail, Word document, or Excel sheet.
  • Personal Auto-attendant and Personal notifications: Set options for managing your calls in your absence or for notifications on important calls and messages.
  • Call Me!: When on the move, set your preference for HiPath to route all your office calls to the number of your choice.
  • Personal call journal: Log all your calls for easy follow-up.
Price and extensions

With a price tag of $270 (including the cost of all hardware except handset), HiPath is a feature rich unified communication solution for small and medium enterprises. Down the line, the company plans to introduce an SDK for enabling more feature additions and extensions.

What features would you want in the unified communication solution for your enterprise?