Sneak peek at the panel behind BlogHer 2007

BlogHer 2007After a four-hour flight delay, I finally made it to Chicago, which is the host city for this year's BlogHer conference. At the Chicago City Centre Hotel and Sports Club, the front desk receptionist gave me a BlogHer 2007 pin, and I could see quite a few women already congregating in small groups, greeting each other (acquaintances from past years, I imagine), and all of them sporting their pins.

BlogHer 2007 registration

Since it's the day before the conference, and I missed a luncheon date and face-to-face interview with Elisa Camahort (did I mention that I could have driven to Chicago faster than I arrived with the flight departure delay?), I assumed that the remainder of the afternoon and evening would be spent getting settled into my room, preparing information and equipment for the conference tomorrow, and perhaps posting a blog or two.

BlogHer 2007 name tag

It wasn't until I stopped at the concierge's desk that I noticed information about registration ... today! Sure, the registration and meeting was for panelists and other people behind the scenes at BlogHer 2007, but I thought it would be a great opportunity to take a little sneak peek at what's in store for me and the other 700-some women who are attending this year's conference.BlogHer 2007 panel

Now, when I say sneak peek, that's exactly what I mean. I stopped at the registration table, picked up my name tag, and listened in while several of the female panelists introduced themselves and said what topic(s) they were covering and during which session(s). I tip-toed out after the introductions, but there are a few women who I will make a point to seek out over the next couple days, particularly those who work with podcasting, video and audio blogs, and other multimedia. Stay tuned for more from BlogHer 2007!