SonicWALL to acquire SSL VPN vendor Aventail

SonicWALL Inc has entered into an agreement to purchase SSL VPN vendor Aventail Corp. Both SonicWALL and Aventail are both well entrenched players in the SSL VPN remote access market and such an acquisition can be seen as a logical progression.

According to Patrick Sweeney, vice president of secure networking (eWeek):

"We are SonicWALL have a very strong product line not just in SMB but in mid-enterprise... what Aventail brings to us is really knowledge base and core competencies in individuals, people and processes that are very, very strong at working with the higher caliber end customer."

Both product lines will stay, though you can expect to see various products coming together over time, as well as new products eventually as a direct result of the cross-collaboration from the R&D chaps in both companies coming together.

Additional reading:

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