Spammers target antispam sites

It's the battle of Good vs. Evil. Antispam community sites are being targeted with Denial of Service attacks by what is believed to be the same group that is behind the storm worm bot.

A quote from the article at Ars Technica:

Sites that have been targeted include 419Eater, ScamWarners, CastleCops,,, and Artists against 419 in addition to SpamNation. CastleCops, which is currently back up, has established a denial of service forum to provide information about the ongoing attacks and facilitate discussion. System administrators are also sharing blacklists of IP addresses and netblocks that represent botnet zombie systems.

Last week, I ran a report on the storm worm using every trick in the book to proliferate. Now, yet another trick seems to be in pulling down the antispam sites. The total raw power under the storm worm bot is believed to be equal to that of supercomputers.

A quote from

Peter Guttman, a computer sciences security researcher, wrote in an email posted on's website: "This may be the first time that a top 10 supercomputer has been controlled not by a government or mega-corporation but by criminals. The question remains, now that they have the world's most powerful supercomputer system at their disposal, what are they going to do with it?"

The attack has been successful in bringing down (at least temporarily) several of the antispam sites. Paul Laudanski, founder of CastleCops, started a forum for discussions on the attacks. These community sites had been responsible for disseminating information regarding the spread of bot networks. Are these attacks signs of a major threat that is coming our way?