Sun acquires Lustre File System

Sun Microsystems has inked an agreement to acquire the open-source Lustre File System from software provide Cluster File Systems, among other assets.

The Lustre File System, used for large-scale cluster computing, is used to power clusters with tens of thousands of nodes and petabytes of data. It is currently used on many of the world's largest Linux-based supercomputers, allowing for massive parallel I/O for these gargantuan machines.

CFS chief executive Peter Braam said to Information Week:

We have already worked together to deliver several large clusters, for example the fastest supercomputer in Asia at Tokyo Tech, and we're now in the process of installing a 500+ TeraFlop and 1.7 PetaByte cluster at Texas Advanced Computing Center.

A Sun spokesperson also said that the company hopes to bring over as many engineers and scientists from CFS as possible. Sun is expected to take over development and maintenance of Lustre for Linux after the acquisition.

While we know that Sun is increasingly moving towards storage virtualization, it remains to be seen how Sun plans to leverage upon this acquisition in the enterprise.