Sun previews four-socket, quad-core server measuring just 2U

Sun Microsystems 2UYou might have missed out this one in which Sun previewed the industry's first and only (tier-one vendor anyway) four-socket, quad-core, 2U system on the market, which is a lot of horsepower in such a small unit.

Excerpt from Sun's press release:

By incorporating unique design elements, Sun is able to achieve its extremely high density and high energy efficiency, yielding substantial savings in space and power costs.

Independently, Intel announced the release of the new Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor 7300 series that is being used by the Sun server. Intel also endorsed Sun's Solaris OS as the only mission-critical UNIX operating system for the Intel Xeon.

Various systems based on the quad-core Intel Xeon processor 7300 series will be available to cater to multiple market segments. Read more about Sun and Intel.

This new server will be available within 60 days.

Do you use Sun servers in your company? Why and why not?


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