Supermicro does a one-up with new blade lineup

It appears that Supermicro, a slightly lesser-known server company, has done a one-up on the other Tier 1 server vendors with its latest blade design, aptly called the SuperBlade, that was unveiled at Computex.

If you recall, I just reported a couple of days ago on Sun’s new blade series in Sun’s new blade hardware lets you mix and match. Not to be outdone, the SuperBlade system holds 10 blades in a 7U chassis, which compares favorably against Sun’s 10 blades in 10U.

According to The Register, Supermicro apparently has plans for a 14-blade configuration on the same chassis.

At the moment though, Supermicro appears to be only selling two-socket blades with four-core Intel Xeons, though it is supposed to have the capacity for quad-socket blades as well.

You can find out more about the SuperBlade series here.

From what I hear from my pals in the hosting company ReadySpace Network, Supermicro is pretty good but without the bleeding wallets to match.

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